Old World Epochs – A playful league system for Warhammer: The Old World

What is this?

Old World Epochs is a simple league system to enjoy Warhammer: The Old World with your community: be that local, online or solo. As we learn the game together, Epochs encourages players to try different army lists, take risks on the battlefield and push their hobby in interesting directions.

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How it works

Play four games over a two month cycle and tally the achievements listed below. Points are awarded for battle prowess, insane bravery and community building. Play anyone you like, anywhere you like – though it might be exciting to match with fellow pledgers.

The player with the most points at the end of each cycle is crowned winner, earning their name in the annals of history (and likely the Book of Grudges).

Seasonal Twists

Each cycle has a unique theme. These twists and turns will follow how Warhammer: The Old World is being unveiled to the community, as well as reflecting our real life calendar – think blistering snow scenarios in Winter, or scorching desert battles in the Summer! Add to that sieges, towns, heroic duels, Armies of Infamy, the possibilities are huge.

How do I play?

There is no formal mechanism for taking part. You can agree on an Epochs league with friends, your local club, an online forum.

Scores are self-regulated. To help you track progress I’ve made a spreadsheet that you can download below.

At the end of the cycle, share your score with your community. Bathe in glory, pine for your defeats, then ready yourself to start again!

Track your progress

Download a points tracker here.

Remember, each achievement can only be scored once across the four games. So a player that wins one battle gets 3 points, then 2 points for winning a second battle, and just 1 point for the third. This means the more you win, the more incentive to branch out with other strategies.

Epochs League Tracker

Download/make a copy of this spreadsheet to track your progress.

Thoughts, comments and suggestions for future seasons welcome. Happy wargaming!

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