About This Website

Welcome to Roll For Wounds: a hodgepodge of wargaming, miniature painting and a dash of board games. Its purpose is to chronicle my enjoyment of the hobby and to aid others in theirs. Expect conversions, kit bashing, rule mods and the odd battle report. There’s no end game and no lofty goal: just an informal word dump to scratch the itch.

About the author

Like many 90s kids, I grew up with the fantasy triumvirate of Talisman, Lord of the Rings and Warhammer. This period is a blur of colourful rulebooks, cardboard terrain, thick paint coats and glorious monopose. I spent many long hours in the loft clumsily painting orcs and constructing crude siege towers out of lollipop sticks. After a hiatus, I’ve returned to the hobby with renewed enthusiasm and a steadier hand.

By day, I make websites. Another reason for this project is to have an online space that is unconstrained by business spiel. I can proudly fluff my grammar, make mistakes and, if needed, use rude words like ‘heck’ and ‘potty’. This is playtime.